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Archive for January, 2007

Easy Rider, Minsk style

Because a bike helmet is better than nothing

It’s amazing what you can get in the back of a Volvo

It left in a haulage truck, it arrived in a removals van and it wouldn’t fit into a £45 per-day rented Peugeot Parter Van. I don’t have a trailer or a trailer hitch, nor can I afford one. So just how do you move a motorbike around if it isn’t road legal?



Where is neutral? Why is it smoking? Is it meant to be leaking?

For any would-be bike virgins please take note that without any assistance or labeling of controls it is actually a mystery trying to figure out how a motorbike gearbox works. Pushing it about and changing gear at least helps to locate neutral, but then it’s mighty hard to pull away in second gear, which needs first gear and is below neutral. Now you know. ;) The muddy back garden proved an excellent training ground, even if some plonker did put a shed in the way…

Minsk arrives

On the 3rd January 2007, to start the new year off in style, my Russian-made Vietnamese farmer’s motorbike arrived safe and sound to my home address.

After figuring out how to start it using the excellent Minsk 125 Repair Manual by Digby Greenhalgh, the next day and friend and I attempted to drive it.