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Archive for September, 2007

More pictures!

OK many thanks to Ali and Rich of Devon to Mongolia for these:

And to Tom from the Sandbadgers for these:

There are a few more tagged to me on Facebook – I’m Martin Gibson on the Warwick network if you wish to look.


OK I’ve arrived just fine, got to London on Sunday, moved in and was at work on Monday morning. Down-side is that my new flat has no internet, and won’t until mid October :( So please DO have a look at the pictures from the trip at

I’ll get the full story up when I’ve got ‘net access, as well as some tips for next year’s ralliers.

PS Tom Hart: I made it, so you owe me a shoe eating. ;)

On Way Back Now…

I spoke to Martin on Friday morning, and apart from interupting him being interviewed (yet again!), he’s doing well. And will be heading home Saturday.

I’ve checked out the flights and routes, and he’s coming the most direct route – not the ‘Long way Round’ this time :-)

It’s gonna be great to see Martin again, even though I’ll soon be out of a job as his webmaster!