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City Fly

I had to do something about being bike-less. Since I’ve been given a second chance to do things, it would be foolish to not get it 100% right. The Minsk would have been fun and challenging, but now those spare parts are gone, I’m having to find something reliable.

I was thinking about getting the same bike as James (a Honda XLR125) but thought that getting something that was a bit more of a compromise for the roads in Europe would also be handy. Between the CG125 and the XLR125 is exactly that, the CLR125 CityFly:

Suited for city commutes as well as off-road play, it looks like the ideal bike to take. The only problem is, they’re really hard to find for sale! After a bit of hunting however, I found one up in Huddersfield. I drove up, hired a trailer, and brought it back down in some seriously heavy rain after paying for it:

Since then I changed the oil, but found bits of metal in the filter (tends to be a bad thing) so I took it to Gavin for a complete overhaul. Since he’s worked on bikes for years, as well as toured around Iceland on a 250cc XLR, what he says goes! Here it is now:

We’re currently waiting on Honda engine parts from Belgium before putting it back together, and when we do it will be awesome. Mongolia, here I come! (again ;) )


Comment from Joseph
Time: 6 September 2007, 2:25 pm

Can u send me details of Belgian supplier of parts. Have cityfly with damaged engine. Thks

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