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The luggage problem

The CityFly was never designed for such a task as the Mongol Rally. That’s why there’s no chance of fitting a rack to the rear of it, as the exhaust sits in the way. With less than a week to go before we leave from Hyde Park, I had to find some way of carrying all the camping gear from GoOutdoors, additional fuel and water, my helmet, my spare clothes, food and medical supplies on the bike.

Remember the old Minsk? Recognise the panniers? It seems the heat from the exhaust is not enough to cause problems to the right pannier, so they just sling under the seat and dangle – better than they did on the Minsk! With some bungee cord, there’s little chance of them getting tangled up in the rear wheel even when bumped around (famous last words). How they’ll cope when I drop the bike will be down to what’s inside of them – I plan on keeping one with 10L of petrol and the other with 10L of drinking water; the former in a metal can and the latter in plastic; so the dangerous side should be protected.
This should now provide a platform for further gear to be piled on top to take all the camping gear, food, and clothes. Monday’s task is to get suitable gear and also a top-box to lock my helmet and bike gear in the dry at night, and to hold anything important during the ride…

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