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On Way Back Now…

I spoke to Martin on Friday morning, and apart from interupting him being interviewed (yet again!), he’s doing well. And will be heading home Saturday.

I’ve checked out the flights and routes, and he’s coming the most direct route – not the ‘Long way Round’ this time :-)

It’s gonna be great to see Martin again, even though I’ll soon be out of a job as his webmaster!



Comment from Lina
Time: 1 September 2007, 10:16 am

Thank you for the website maintenance and moral support, Andi, but most of all for your invaluable friendship!
Martin’s Mum

Comment from Grant
Time: 2 September 2007, 2:36 am

Great job Martin. Glad to hear you made it all the way and are now heading home. Looking forward to the details of the journey. I’m sure there’s a good story or two in there.

Comment from Dad
Time: 29 September 2007, 8:34 am

The Hanoi sponsors had a celebration “bash” in your honour at Al Fresco’s on Friday evening 28th Sept and the general feeling was “Bloody well done mate, we are all as jealous as hell that we are now too senior to do such an adventure !”

Comment from Darren Moore
Time: 24 May 2011, 8:54 am

Will you be carrying on with your blog? I see from your archive that you stopped in 2008 and nothing for 3 years.

We were looking at doing something similar on our Quad Bikes – so any tips would be great.


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