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To make things really interesting – and something that my local news is itching to cover – if my Facebook group reaches a certain size, I will be dressing up as the superhero Batman*, riding around Oxford city centre singing the theme tune (apparently a potential breach of the peace!), and potentially driving all the way to Mongolia as the Caped Crusader. I had secretly hoped that the first milestone wouldn’t be reached, but for some reason my friends thought it was a great idea and 200 people joined within a few days… – Here’s the link:

Why Batman? Well, Mongolia needs Superheroes too! Plus, if you think about it Batman is the only superhero who relies on his gadgets for his powers – no other character has equivalents of The Tumbler, the Bat-Mobile, a utility belt… he’s just a man empowered by his tools, much like our team.
* – as much as one realistically can whilst wearing a crash helmet and bike gear! Just as soon as the bike is back in one piece, I’ll set the date.



I’ve done an interview for Oxfordshire’s Fox FM, and have been interviewed by BBC Radio Oxford for their Mid-Morning show. Download the clip or listen here:


Oxford Mail article: Click here
Both myself, the bike and Gavin’s Bike Shop took part in a photo-shoot for the Oxford Mail and The Oxford Times, with an article to follow.

Online has an article on my trip here: Crazy Computer Bod Goes Batty Around Oxford

There’s lots of interest in this campaign, so please do get in touch and offer us some sponsorship.


Comment from Angie
Time: 9 July 2007, 3:18 pm

I just love the mask! Will you have a suitable helmet custom built to accomodate the horns?
See ya!

Comment from bbsmonk
Time: 15 November 2007, 3:05 pm

read your post in forum first, then find your amazing site.

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Time: 12 July 2008, 10:16 pm

[...] I dressed up as Batman as a publicity stunt. Worked well for the media. The idea was that if x number of people join my facebook group, I go all the way as the Caped Crusader. Unfortunately not enough people joined, but the ones that did donated; some of which came from the media advertising. Means to an end. Plus, capes are really useful for overlanding – you can just sit down anywhere. So find something fun that differentiates yours from everyone else’s trips, and then milk it. Link of my sponsorship: Mongol � Publicity [...]

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